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Released James Bonelab client Menu


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Update #1 Scarface Client [Bonelab] Release Log

Dump Components [RH] Unlimited Gun Clip [RH] One Hit Kill [RH] Set FireMode Auto [RH] Set FireMode SemiAuto [RH] Set FireMode Manual GodMode Infinite Ammo TP Nearby Capsules TP Nearby Guns TP Nearby NPC'S TP Nearby Melee WP Spawn Debug Tools

1.Need To Patch Bonelabs With Lemon Installer = Yes

2.Mods For Pc = No Quest 2 Only

3.Does This Effect Actual Supported Community Mods = No It Should Not

Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/whchoponk9hwgot/Scarface_Client_%5BBL%5D.dll/file

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